Swing BODYPROTECTOR voor en achter zwart

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  • The new SWING P07 generation back protectors provide optimum wearer comfort and maximum 360 deg. protection for spine and tailbone.

    - EU-approved spine protection (conforms to EN 1621-2, level 1)
    - High degree of protection for spine and tailbone
    - Maximum wearer comfort
    - Greatest possible freedom of movement
    - Lightweight and flexible
    - 360° all-round protection


  • The back protector
    SWING back protectors protect your body without affecting your enjoyment of riding. The use of high tech materials ensures maximum freedom of movement.

    Please note that, according to German equestrian sport regulations, a back protector conforming to EN 13158-2000 or EN 13158-2009 is required for eventing and cross-country.


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